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Fuego Bikini Top (alpine stitch tutorial)

If you haven’t joined the bandwagon, now is the time to do so. We’ve all hyped about this gorgeous stitch in mid 2021. From cardigans to dish cloths, this stitch will never fail to satisfy your eyes. My dear crochet artists, I’m talking about the Alpine stitch. In today’s video, I’m going to show youContinue reading “Fuego Bikini Top (alpine stitch tutorial)”

Easy Like Sunday Bikini Top

I’m very pleased to put up another free pattern for you guys. Not only that, I’m also excited to have another additional garment in my cute tops collection. We can never have too many handmade items, right? 😉 I happily introduce the Easy Like Sunday Bikini Top. If you happen to make the Easy LikeContinue reading “Easy Like Sunday Bikini Top”

How To Adjust The Sizes Of A Crochet Pattern To Fit You And Your Client

We’ve all been there. You found a beautiful crochet design. You got your materials and you tried to work the pattern. You do exactly what the pattern says. You spend lots of time and effort only to find out later that you surprisingly gained 5 pounds in no time because the finished garment was justContinue reading “How To Adjust The Sizes Of A Crochet Pattern To Fit You And Your Client”

Look Of Love Halterneck

If you’re familiar with Diana Krall or Dusty Springfield, you probably know where the name of this project came from, although I very much prefer Trintje Oosterhuis’ version of this song, “The Look Of Love”. If you’re following me on Instagram, I guess you’ve seen this halter top popping up in your feed in theContinue reading “Look Of Love Halterneck”

Forget Me Not Infinity Scarf

When I published this pattern later in 2018, I was happily surprised by all the positive reactions and comments about this scarf. Thank you so much for all of your support. This means so much to me. I can’t wait to see all the variations of yarn colors that you will use with this pattern.Continue reading “Forget Me Not Infinity Scarf”

Chain of Hearts Keychain

There’s something so amazing about keychains – they’re handy and cute, they are fashionable but also very convenient. When you are rushing off to work, it is also easier to just quickly grab that car key laying around the house if it’s attached to a keychain. If you have plenty of scrap yarns in yourContinue reading “Chain of Hearts Keychain”