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How To Adjust The Sizes Of A Crochet Pattern To Fit You And Your Client

We’ve all been there.

You found a beautiful crochet design. You got your materials and you tried to work the pattern. You do exactly what the pattern says. You spend lots of time and effort only to find out later that you surprisingly gained 5 pounds in no time because the finished garment was just too small. (Lol, I am exaggerating here).

And so you want to make it just a tad bigger and maybe a bit smaller or perhaps a little bit larger to make room for the extra 2 kilos (wink), but seriously, I think we all want our swimmies to be snug and with the right amount of fit.

So how exactly do you adjust the stitches on a crochet pattern to be able to fit your own size or your client’s?

In this video, I will show you how you can achieve this.

Here I am demonstrating for the Easy Like Sunday Bikini Bottom pattern but if you study it carefully and understand what I am trying to explain, you will be able to apply this simple method with any other pattern as well.

I have to say that this bikini bottom is really one of my favorites to make this year. I’ve never made so many colors of the same pattern, it’s quite addicting to be honest. I believe I already have five in total and since I am making this for myself, I was able to play with the fitting.

That’s the beauty of handmade garments, you can be very flexible if you know exactly how to make them suit your body or your customer’s. You want it to be snug, not too loose and not too tight.

Check out these gorgeous ladies in their finished bikini bottoms during our pattern testing. (If you’d like to test my future patterns, you can join us on our little facebook community).

Shoutout to these amazing artists for doing a great job in helping me test this pattern. Please do support them and check out their shops and creations in their Instagram accounts: Peaches Robbins of @peachesmay; Jesse Faith Molina of @jesealikethesea; Ashley Andino of @andinocreations and Victoria Cunningham of @craftyhandsusa.

I need to be honest here, it took me an extensive amount of time and research, several attempts and multiple trials and errors before I managed to work around my gauges. So today, I would like to share this little piece of knowledge to all of you, so that you too can apply it to your projects and I promise that it will save you a lot of time once you master this.

Actually, it’s pretty easy. It all comes down to common sense. To be able to explain to you in detail, I made a video on my Youtube Channel so that everyone will be able to follow what I’m saying regardless of which skill level you are.

You can find the written pattern for the Easy Like Sunday Bikini Bottom here.

Please watch this video and let me know if you have further questions. It would mean so much to me if I know that you understand it and of course, please do subscribe. In this way, you can help my little channel thrive. Keep On Creating!

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