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Boho Keychain

I’ve received your requests to make more crochet keychains and this diy project is one of the first that is released folowing my first keychain tutorial “Chain of Hearts“.

This project is really perfect for your mountain of yarn scraps as it only requires a few inches of whatever yarn you have on hand, plus, you can make them in all types of yarn and in all sorts of colors and they will still turn out nice!

One of my testers even worked this up on a hair tie for her pretty little girl and she looked so adorable on it!

Play with color combinations according to your mood or theme!

Boho Keychain

Pattern Use: You are welcome to sell your finished items made by this design but please do not use my photos nor share screenshots of this written pattern. I kindly ask you to link back to this website if you wish to share this pattern.

Skill level: Advanced Beginner

ch (s) = chain (s)
dc = double crochet

Special Stitch:
Popcorn Stitch – Work 5 Double Crochet (dc) stitches in the designated stitch. Remove hook from working yarn/loop, insert hook in the first dc stitch. From the back, grab the working yarn/loop, and pull through. Chain 1 to close the stitch.

For visual learners, there is a video tutorial of the popcorn (pop) stitch here.

Ch 4, 5 dc in the 4th ch from the hook.

Remove hook and insert into the 4th ch of your starting chs.

From the back, grab the working loop and pull through the loop in your hook to create a popcorn stitch, Ch 1.

Pull your yarn up of about 1 cm (or 1 inch and longer if you prefer). Yarn over and pull yarn through the long loop that you created and ch 1 to close this loop. (Note: The chain 1 here does not count as part of the starting chains).

Repeat the same procedure until you have 3 popcorns in the string. (If you prefer more popcorns, you can make them as many as you want by repeating the pattern).

Continue by chaining 7 (or longer).
Cut and fasten off and make a knot at the end of the yarn.

Make as many popcorn strings as you want.

Insert the top chain of your strings into the keychain ring.

You can also check out the complete video tutorial of this project on my Youtube Channel here.

Share your DIY boho keychain on social media! Don’t forget to tag #whataboutyarn so I can see your makes!


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